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New York Hotel Coupons

ink 48 hotel

Coupons & Discounts For The Best Hotels in New York City.

With tourism around the world reeling, one of the best times to stay at 4 star hotels for 2 star prices is right now.

We’re going to show you how to receive the best discounts on hotel stays at the most prestigious and sought-after hotels in New York City:

1. Expedia Coupon Codes

On top of low prices for hotel bookings right now, you can still use discount booking sites like Expedia to get cheap hotels for less. Plus, what most people don’t even know is that Expedia offers a Expedia coupon code for these hotels, cars, and flights.

2. Ink 48, New York

Book for less at Ink 48
This is a screenshot of the rooftop bar as featured