Best Hotels in Tribeca, NYC

hotels in tribeca nyc

8 Boutique and Distinctly ‘NYC’ Hotels in Tribeca.

If you are in Tribeca, New York area, then consider staying in one of these beautiful hotels. No matter what you are doing in this area, staying in a comfy, upscale hotel will be at the top of your priority list. But how do you find a great hotel, especially in an area where there are over 150 hotels? If you are there on a business trip it may be more important for you to have a quick restaurant and business center available.

Price is a factor for nearly everyone as well. You can book directly on a hotel’s website (they tend to offer lower prices if you book directly), or you can save money with a prepay and save offer from travel sites like

1. The Greenwich Hotel

greenwich hotel in tribeca, new york city

If you are looking for a hotel in Tribeca New York area check out the Greenwich Hotel. This hotel has a very classic look but is also in the heart of everything going on. Along with beautiful rooms, it is surrounded by shops and dining options. It is also near a subway entrance as well as a quick walk to the Hudson river. If you are there sightseeing this is a hotel that is in the middle of everything and would be a perfect center place to operate a wonderful vacation from. The Greenwich hotel also has a spa for you to enjoy. The cost of staying at the Greenwich Hotel is approximately about 650 dollars a night.


2. AKA Tribeca

If you are looking for a more affordable option, then consider the AKA Tribeca. Although it also has a mid-century look, the rooms are upscaled and are incredibly comfortable. This hotel is centrally-located near the World Trade Center, as well as the subway. You can basically see all of New York from one central hub. Along with that, they have a breakfast restaurant named Little Park with absolutely delicious malted spelt pancakes, as well as business center, bar and lounge. This hotel is affordable and has all the accommodations no matter what you are in NYC. Love your melon discount code.


3. Walker Hotel

The Walker hotel offers smaller boutique hotels feel but cozier upscale rooms. There is free wifi as well as beautiful bathrooms and comfortable beds. There is also a cafe as well as a 24 hour gym. They also offer pet friendly rooms as well as laundry rooms and a bar. This is one of the most affordable rooms in the area at 175 dollars. If you are driving don’t worry about parking because the parking is paid for anyone staying in the Walker Hotel. This is the best option for anyone looking for an affordable option but not wanting to give up any of the amenities.


4. Soho Grand

If you are looking for a beautiful hotel, upscale rooms and absolutely every amenity you could ever ask for, then you should consider the Soho Grand hotel. This hotel has a mini bar, flat screens as well as loaner iPads and other electronics. It is also near many restaurants as well as a short walk from the subway. There are many different things to be seen in this area and this is the perfect hotel for someone looking for comfort and fun. With a spa and mini bar, you can’t go wrong!


5. Hilton Garden

The Hilton Garden Inn Tribeca Hotel

The Hilton Garden is literally across the street from the subway. So in a matter of seconds you can be on the subway anywhere you want to go. Along with that, it is just a short walk from the World Trade Center. But to add to those great characteristics, the Hilton has a pizza and beer bar as well as fitness center and valet parking lot. The rooms are classic but upscale and designed perfectly to host three or four people. At about 264 dollars the rooms are relatively inexpensive and offer great amenities.


6. Millenium Hotel

millenium hotel downtown new york

The Millenium offers a hotel room that is across from the Westfield World Trade center Subway station as well as offering great proximity to the 9/11 remembrance sights. It is the perfect area for anyone sight seeing because anything they cannot walk to is just a subway ride or taxi ride away. Being near the busy bustling tourist area but also away from it for a little peace and quiet as well. It’s the perfect mix of both. Along with offering great upscale rooms, they also offer a restaurant, spa and indoor fitness lounge. This is the perfect hotel for anyone looking for something classic, away from the hustle and bustle but close enough to it to be in it if wanted!


7. The Assemblage John Street

The Assemblage John Street

The Assemblage John Street offers studio style hotel rooms with smart tv’s as well as kitchenettes. If you are looking to save some money and do your own cooking then this is the hotel for you. This hotel offers a library as well as laundry area. It is basically a home away from home. If you are needing to be in the area long term or are just looking for great amenities then this is the hotel for you.

8. The Beekman

If you are looking for a relatively inexpensive beautiful boutique hotels in the heart of the bustling business of NYC, then check out the Beekman. It is in the financial district of the area. The hotel can be used for anyone from sightseeing to business men and women. The Beekman is eloquently designed and offers beautiful, comfortable rooms with delicious french restaurants. The Beekman also offers USB charging in all of their rooms with other amenities such as as smart TV’s in their suites. There suites offer everything from just an extra bed to a kitchenette. This is the perfect option for a tourist or a businessman in Tribeca, New York.



Tribeca, New York is a hub in one of the busiest areas of New York, New York. Being near the World Trade Center as well as many 9/11 remembrance sights, it has recently gained the attention of tourists. Also, near the financial district opens the doors for many business men and women to be in the area. It is also near the Brooklyn Bridge as well as the Statue of Liberty. So basically any reason that you would be visiting New York you could access from Tribeca, New York.

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